Post Modern Jukebox Experience Designer

Experience Design Concept for the Front of House

Experience Design Concept for the Front of House


I was hired by the Band Manager of Post Modern Jukebox to come up with new concepts and ideas for the front of house for their shows.   

I decided to focus on different ways to promote their merchandize and engaging with the audience in a way that makes them more likely to purchase.  

Post Modern Jukebox is a band that plays modern chart pop songs in a vintage, 30s/40s/50s style.  Their on stage persona is very stylized.  The concept is vintage and art deco with band members dressing accordingly. Often they will have dancers dressed in period costumes. 

Because of this, a large part of the audience dresses up as well.  Post Modern Jukebox wants people to experience more than just a show, but an experience in which people are immersed in a world. 

The band started out playing in the bar of Sleep No More, hence why the originator, Scott Bradlee, is intimately familiar with immersive theatre and performance. 

Deliverable and documentation available upon request, please Contact Me directly.