Experience Design, Video Storytelling, Project Management for brands, publications, and people.


Hi, I'm Dan.

I learned and mastered my skills as an Experience Designer, Video Producer and Project Manager through working with brands and people.

For 12 years, I worked as a Principal Performer in Blue Man Group, a world class entertainment company, touring in multiple cites on several continents. My skills in experience design, improvisation and persuasion led me to consulting for several companies and clients including Bagavagabonds (Movember), Post Modern Jukebox and Creative Arts Academy

Video storytelling is an area I have been exploring and experimenting for my clients and my own projects. I have extensive experience in videography and software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.

I was born and raised in England. My family had a business in engineering, which led me to roles in business and marketing strategy, as well as project management and visual design. These skills enabled me to expand my consulting engagements to working with H&Askham, Songs on Sunday (collaborations for musicians from around the world). 

If you are interested in learning more about me, my work, and how I could add value to our company and project, please get in touch! 





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